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 Pursuant to Executive Order Number 103 dated May 17, 2002, Region IV was divided into Region 4A or CALABARZON and Region 4B or MIMAROPA.  MIMAROPA stands for MI – Mindoro Occidental and Oriental, MA – Marinduque, RO – Romblon and PA – Palawan.  Consistent with the mandates of Executive Order No. 103, the PNP General Order Number DPL 02-10 dated August 18, 2002 was issued which calls for the deactivation of Police Regional Office 4 and the activation of Police Regional Office 4A or CALABARZON and the Police Regional Office 4B or MIMAROPA.  The two (2) new Police Regional Offices were activated on September 1, 2002 and since then, continued to perform well towards the realization of the PNP vision and the accomplishment of the PNP mission.

With the government intent to promote regional development in order to spur and accelerate economic growth in the countryside, Executive Order Number 682 was signed on November 22, 2007 which states among the others that the City of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro has been designated as the Regional Center of Region 4B otherwise referred to as MIMAROPA Region.             On January 12, 2009 pursuant to Executive Order Number 682, the Regional Director of  PRO MIMAROPA, PCSUPT LUISITO TINIO PALMERA and his Staff spearheaded the turn-over of Office equipments and facilities of its former Regional Headquarters in Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City to PRO CALABARZON and transferred to its new Regional Headquarters at Camp Efigenio C Navarro in Barangay Suqui, Calapan City.

mimaropa mapMIMAROPA Region is composed of five (5) provinces namely: Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan with a total land area of 27,455.9 square kilometers composed of 1,946 islands and islets. MIMAROPA Region is the largest Region nationwide in terms of land area while National Capital Region is the smallest region with 636 square kilometers. Due to its archipelagic nature, it claims to also have the largest territorial water. In terms of land area and territorial waters, MIMAROPA represents one-third of the whole Philippine archipelago. Its land area spans a north to south from tip of Lubang Island to Balabac with a distance of asa Island of Kalayaan, Palawan with a distance of approximately 770 kilometers approximately 700 kilometers and from east to west in the tip of Sibuyan Island to Pag-. The region is further subdivided into seven (7) congressional districts composed of two (2) cities and seventy one (71) municipalities with 1,491 barangays. 



The Camp traces its history during the Japanese occupation. On January 20, 1945, after the province was liberated from Japanese Imperial Army, all guerilla forces were reorganized. Major Ramon Ruffy assumed the Command as the first Provincial Commander until 1946. On June 17, 1945, a newly organized unit which was designated as 53rd Military Police Coy with the strength of 150 enlisted men and 4 officers arrived from Cebu with Captain Jarmilla as its Commanding Officer.  Camp General Efigenio C Navarro was named after General Efiginio C Navarro, a native of Bano, Pangasinan who served as Provincial Commander of the 262nd PC Company based at this Camp from February 1967-August 17, 1970.  The camp was named after Gen Navarro because of the legacy he left to the Province. During his incumbency, crime rate in the province considerably decreased due to the civic action he introduced to the masses. Every detachment under his unit undertook the manufacture of toilet bowls which were sold to the barrio schools and rural areas for P3.00 each. Handicrafts, dressmaking, tailoring and other household jobs were also taught in the barrios because of the coordinating efforts of the Philippine Constabulary under his watch. As a result, all forms of illegal vices were totally eradicated. When he retired, the Nationalista Party (NP) fielded then retired General Efigenio C Navarro as their candidate for Governor of Mindoro Oriental but he lost the race to to Atty. Hicoblino M Catly of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan  who won the Local Election on January 30, 1980.  The camp is military reservation of 15.63 hectartes and presently occupied by the Mindoro Oriental Police Provincial office, 409th Police Provincial Mobile Group and other Regional Support Units. Hence, Mindoro Police Provincial Office is co-located with PRO MIMAROPA Regional Headquarters.

PNP Vision


Imploring the aid of the Almighty, by year 2030, we shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service working in partnership with a responsible community towards the attainment of a safer place to live work and do business.

PNP Mission

To enforce the law, to prevent and control crimes, to maintain peace and order, and to ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

PNP Core Values

  • Maka-Diyos  (God-fearing)
  • Makabayan  (Nationalistic)
  • Makatao  (Humane)
  • Makakalikasan (Environment -Friendly

PNP Motto

We Serve and Protect

Police Officer's Pledge

I will love and serve GOD, my country and people;

I will uphold th e Constitution and obey legal orders of the duly constituted authorities;

I will oblige myself to maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism;

I will respect the customs and traditions of the police service and

I will live a decent and virtuous life to serve as an example to others.


1. Enforce all laws and ordinance relative to the protection of lives and properties;

2. Maintain peace and order and take all necessary steps to ensure public safety;

3. Investigate and prevent crimes, effect the arrest of criminal offenders, bring offenders to justice and assist in their prosecution;

4. Exercise the general powers to make arrest, search and seizure in accordance with the Constitution and pertinent laws;

5. Detain an arrested person for a period not beyond what is prescribed by law, informing the person so detained of all his rights under the Constitution;

6. Issue licenses for the possession of firearms and explosives in accordance with law;

7. Supervise and control the training and operations of security agencies and issue licenses to operate security agencies, and to security guards and private detectives for the practice of their professions; and

8. Perform such other duties and exercise all other functions as may be provided by law.
Many other laws under the jurisdiction of various departments and/or offices of the government where the PNP will be deputized under the principle of intra-coordination between and among offices/departments of the governments.




Camp Efigenio C. Navarro, Calapan City, Mindoro Oriental

Telephone No. 043-288-1405