Name Designation
Command Group  
Regional Director
PCSUPT FROILAN F QUIDILLA  Deputy Regional Director for Administration
PSSUPT FERDINAND M GARAY  Deputy Regional Director for Operations
PSSUPT LORENZO B DETRAN JR Regional Chief Directorial Staff 
Regional Staff  
PSSUPT ROADE P TOMBAGA  Chief, Regional Personnel and Human Resource Development Division
PSUPT NOEL B PONOLLERA  OIC, Regional Intelligence Division
PSUPT ROBIN K SARMIENTO  OIC, Regional Operations and Plans Division
PSUPT CHRISTOPHER M ABECIA  OIC, Regional Logistics Division
PSUPT HORDAN T PACATIW OIC, Regional Police Community Relations Division
PSSUPT RODERICK D MINONG Chief, Regional Comptrollership Division
PSSUPT LEO ESTAVILLO QUEVEDO Chief, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division
PSSUPT SERGIO G VIVAR JR Chief, Regional Headquarters Support Group
PSUPT IMELDA V TOLENTINO  Chief, Regional Public Information Office
PSUPT ROLANDO C LAMPAD Chief, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office
PSUPT SOCRATES E FALTADO Chief, Regional Police Strategy Management Unit
SPO4 ROMEO CRISTOBAL Regional Executive Senior Police Officer
Provincial/City Director  
PSSUPT THOMAS R FRIAS JR PD, Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PSSUPT JOSEPH B BAYAN PD, Occidental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PSSUPT CRESENCIANO A LANDICHO PD,Marinduque Police Provincial Office
PSSUPT ARVIN T MOLINA PD, Romblon Police Provincial Office
PSSUPT DIONISIO B BARTOLOME PD, Palawan Police Provincial Office
PSSUPT MARION D BALONGLONG CD, Puerto Princesa City Police Office
Regional Mobile Force Battalion  
PSSUPT ROMIE A ESTEPA  Force Commander, Regional Mobile Force Battalion
Regional Support Units  
PSUPT JAMES ALLAN I LOGAN Chief, Regional Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit 
PSSUPT ARMANDO N PUSANA Chief, Regional Crime Laboratory Office
PCINSP CHRISTIAN M LUCI Chief, Regional Engineering Office
PCINSP FREDERICK C TUTAAN Chief, Regional Communications and Electronics Office
PSUPT BERNARD B MADRID Chief, Regional Finance Service Office
PSUPT MATEO B HERNANDEZ Chief, Regional Health Service
PSUPT WINLOVE L. RAMOS Chief, Regional Legal Service
PSUPT HENRY R AALA Chief, Regional Intelligence Unit
PSUPT WILLIAM DESTURA Chief, Regional Internal Affairs Service
PSUPT FEDINAND DC VILLANUEVA Chief, Regional Highway Patrol Unit
PSSUPT ARNOLD E ABAD Chief, Regional Maritime Unit
PSUPT ARTHUR BAYBAYAN Chief, Regional Special Training Unit
PSUPT SANTI RAYMUND N AN Information Technology Project Officer