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PRO MIMAROPA arrests 90 personalities in 6 Consecutive Days Simultaneous Operations Region wide

Police Regional Office MIMAROPA’s intensified Enhanced Managing Police Operations (EMPO) formerly called One Time, Big Time Operations or OTBT conducted at 5:00 PM of March 4, 2021 to 6:00 PM of March 10, 2021 led to the arrests of ninety (90) personalities out of the seventy-four (74) police operations conducted.

This was the result of the concerted efforts of the men and women of Police Regional Office MIMAROPA under the stewardship of PBGEN PASCUAL G MUÑOZ, JR., Regional Director in its serious undertaking of an all-out war campaign against crimes in support to the directives of President Rodrigo R Duterte and PGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, Chief, Philippine National Police.

Out of the 90 personalities arrested region wide, 48 were arrested during operations against Wanted Persons while 42 were arrested for violations on Special Laws.

On the arrest of Wanted Persons, 7 out of 48 were classified to Most Wanted Persons (MWP). They were identified as follows:
a. Alexander Oliverio- Rank Nr.1 MWP Municipal level of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque for Violation of 7610;
b. Roberto Ramos- Rank nr 2 MWP Municipal Level of Victoria, Oriental Mindoro for the Crime of Murder and Frustrated Murder;
c.Jemel Magbanua Rank Nr 3 MWP Municipal level of Narra,Palawan for Violation of RPC Art 266A Rape;
d.Zoren Burgos -Rank Nr 3 MWP Municipal level Of Socorro,Oriental Mindoro for the crime of Rape in relation to RA 7610;
e.Romeo Tiston Jr-Rank Nr 3 MWP Municipal level of Boac,Marinduque for Violation of RA7610;
f. Relan Española- Rank Nr 5 MWP Municipal level of Puerto Princesa City for Violation of Section 5 of RA 9262; and
g. Mark Romy Rucio- Rank Nr 7 MWP Municipal level of Naujan , Oriental Mindoro for the crime of Rape.

Moreover, 3 short firearms were confiscated/surrendered during the conduct of Oplan Katok.

On the campaign against Special Laws, 10 were arrested for violations of illegal drugs with 51 sachets of shabu confiscated approximately weighing 8.625 grams amounting to more or less Php 57,500.00; 7 were arrested for illegal logging with confiscation of 1,757.83 feet and 7 sacks of charcoal and 6 were arrested for Illegal gambling with confiscated bet money amounting to Php 9,500.00.For violation of RA 8550, 4 were arrested gor violation RA 8550 and confiscation of 2 fish nets and 20kgs assorted fishes amounting to Php 3,000.00 while 2 personalities were arrested for the service of Search Warrant on Firearms and drugs.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Regional Director for Operations and the concurrent Chairman of the Enhanced Managing Police Operations, PCOL NICOLAS D TORRE III is closely supervising the performance of all the lower units as per the directive and guidance of the Regional Director.

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