Inauguration of Young Eco-Warriors Child Development Center, Adoration Room, and Balay Lakoy Lounge with Mrs. Cherrylyn A Albayalde, Adviser, PNP-Officers' Ladies Club -June 10, 2019.

During the activity, Mrs. Lally Eleazar, President, PNP-Officers' Ladies Club and Members of OLC -MIMAROPA, accompanied her.


The PRO MIMAROPA Young-Eco Warriors Child Development Center (YEWCDC) was a project of PRO MIMAROPA Command through the ingenuity of Regional Director PBGEN TOMAS C APOLINARIO, JR., in collaboration with MIMAROPA Officers’ Ladies Club who were very active in the realization of the project.

The YEWCDC was originally an old building that was renovated and converted to a child learning center to cater dependents of PNP Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel assigned at the Regional Office and nearby police stations as well as to the children living nearby the camp.

The YEWCDC is envisioned to be a unique and one of a kind learning center for the holistic development of the child. It focuses to nurture in the children the basics of Filipino values, customs and traditions, proper conduct and discipline, nationalism, and patriotism. It is a learning center that will develop the mental and physical aspects of the child through instilling in their young and innocent minds, hearts and souls the noble and worthy deeds and the best practices that will mold them as they grow and become better and responsible Filipino youth and citizen.

The YEWCDC also aims to increase the work performance of personnel particularly the police women with toddlers and preschoolers, as it will prevent them from reporting late or cutting early in their works because they have to first attend to their children or will avoid them from filing leave of absence just to care for them. Hence, with the establishment of the learning center, PNP personnel will be expected to improve in their work performance thereby enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency.

Finally, the YEWCDC had been successfully established through the support of the Men and Women of PRO MIMAROPA and most especially through the generous and philanthropic donors who shared their resources in the reconstruction of the learning center.


“BALAY LAKOY” is a traditional Mangyan dwelling/meeting place from the Iraya Tribe of Mindoro Island. It is made up of hard wood, rattan, cogon grass and tree bark and built through the spirit of unity and cooperation.

“BALAY LAKOY” is common meeting place of Mangyan elders and leaders where they settle on issues and other matters about the community. It is also used by the community for social gatherings and other events.

PRO MIMAROPA named its newly built officers lounge as “BALAY LAKOY” in appreciation of the Mangyan’s traditional dwelling/meeting place and the spirit and nativity it represents. It is a lounge where guests gather, used for small staff meetings and special occasions for the Command Group and Staffs. The interior designs and decorations were attributed to the different provinces of MIMAROPA showcasing their local customs and traditions as well as their local products.


The Adoration Room of Saint Michael the Archangel Chapel was constructed for the men and women of Police Regional Office MIMAROPA to further deepen their devotion to the Holy Eucharist, to nurture their Christian virtues through constant prayer, meditation, and adoration. Through this place of worship, PRO MIMAROPA personnel and their loved ones are given the opportunity (1) to converse with God, (2) to meditate on the Sacred Scriptures, and (3) to give worship to God –any time of the day.

At the center of the altar placed the Monstrance which carries the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Engraved into the window glasses of this structure are the five significant figures: Saint Michael the Archangel, the Patron Saint of the Philippine National Police; with the two other archangels of the Catholic Church namely; Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel. On their right is Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the soldier who became saint; and Saint Therese of the Child Jesus who is considered the secondary Patron of the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines.

This place of worship will also serve as a venue for repentance and an avenue for spiritual communion with God through perpetual adoration.

PBGEN TOMAS C APOLINARIO, JR., Regional Director expressed his gratitude to the members of PNP-Officers' Ladies Club for the initiatives and support extended to Police Regional Office MIMAROPA.