Name Designation
Command Group  
PBGEN CELSO L BAEL Deputy Regional Director for Administration
PCOL NICOLAS D TORRE III Deputy Regional Director for Operations
Regional Staff  
PLTCOL ROLANDO C LAMPAD Acting Chief, Regional Personnel and Records Management Division
PCOL SAMUEL S DELORINO Chief, Regional Intelligence Division
PCOL RONALDO P PALOMO Chief, Regional Operations Division
PCOL ARVIN T MOLINA Chief, Regional Logistics and Research Development Division
PLTCOL IMELDA V TOLENTINO Acting Chief, Regional Community Affair and Development Division
PCOL RICARDO A PUNZALAN Chief, Regional Comptrollership Division
PCOL RONIE S BACUEL Chief, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division
PLTCOL REXTON S SAWI Acting Chief, Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division
PCOL JONATHAN P PAGUIO Chief, Regional Plan and Strategic Management Division
PLTCOL JUN DEXTER D DANAO OIC, Regional Information and Communication Technology Management Division
PLTCOL ALLAN R MACAPAGAL OIC, Regional Headquarters Support Unit
PLTCOL IMELDA V TOLENTINO Chief, Regional Public Information Office
PLTCOL AURELIO K CABINTAS Chief, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office
PEMS Wilbur J Mampusti Regional Executive Senior Police Officer
Provincial/City Director  
PCOL MARDITO G ANGULUAN PD, Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PCOL HORDAN T PACATIW PD, Occidental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PCOL WILSON A SANTOS, VI PD, Marinduque Police Provincial Office
PCOL CHRISTOPHER M ABECIA PD, Romblon Police Provincial Office
PCOL ADONIS B GUZMAN PD, Palawan Police Provincial Office
PCOL SERGIO G VIVAR, JR. CD, Puerto Princesa City Police Office
Regional Mobile Force Battalion  
PCOL DENNIS JOSE S LLAVORE FC, Regional Mobile Force Battalion
Regional Support Units  
PCOL ALBERTO D VILLAPANDO C, Regional Internal Affair Service MIMAROPA
PLTCOL VICTOR M SOBREPEÑA OIC, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group - Regional Field Unit
PLTCOL NERINO B DACIEGO Chief, Regional Crime Laboratory Office
PMAJ CHRISTIAN M LUCI OIC, Regional Engineering Unit
PLTCOL GRACE C FLORES OIC, Regional Communications and Electronics Office
PLTCOL FERNANDO M RIVERA Chief, Regional Finance Service Office
PLTCOL ALMA P PAREDES OIC, Regional Medical and Dental Unit
PLTCOL WINLOVE L. RAMOS Chief, Regional Legal Affair Service
PLTCOL JOSE FERNANDO B BONITA, JR Chief, Regional Intelligence Unit
PLTCOL JOE WILSON J DENAMARCA Chief, Regional Highway Patrol Unit
PMAJ DAINIS O AMUGUIS Chief, Regional Civil Security Unit
PCOL ROMIE A ESTEPA Training Manager, Regional Special Training Unit
PLTCOL SANTI RAYMUND N AN Information Technology Project Officer
PCPT ARNULFO E FRAGA, JR Chief, Regional Chaplain
PCOL MARICEL B SCHMITT Chief, Regional Police Security and Protection Unit
PCOL RIZALINO F PADRIQUE Chief, Regional Maritime Unit
PCOL JOSEPH G TALENTO Chief, Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit
PLTCOL ALEX P LIM OIC, Aviation Security Unit
PLTCOL ROBERTO ODEVER RTD, Regional Training Center
PMAJ JAYSON S VILLEGAS OIC, Regional Explosive and Canine Unit
PMAJ JOSEPH IVAN C COMISING Chief, Regional Recruitment and Selection Unit
PCMS Maricelle Nisperos Chief-of-Clerk, PNP Retirement and Benefits Unit