Opening Ceremony of E-Projects with PCOL ROGER L QUESADA, Acting Chief of Regional Staff as Keynote Speaker held at Hinirang Hall, Camp Gen. Efigenio C Navarro, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro about 9:00 AM of April 3, 2019.

Click to Download >>>  Procurement Monitoring Report as of May to December 2018

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Click to Download >>>  Procurement Monitoring Report as of January to June 2019



Name Designation
Command Group  
PBGEN NELSON B BONDOC Deputy Regional Director for Administration
PCOL LORENZO B DETRAN, JR. Deputy Regional Director for Operations
PCOL REYNALDO M TAMONDONG Acting Chief of Regional Staff
Regional Staff  
PLTCOL DANILO U DRIZ, JR. OIC, Regional Personnel and Records Management Division
PLTCOL SAMUEL S DELORINO OIC, Regional Intelligence Division
PLTCOL RONALDO P PALOMO OIC, Regional Operations Management Division
PLTCOL CHRISTOPHER M ABECIA  Chief, Regional Logistics and Research Development Division
PCOL HORDAN T PACATIW Chief, Regional Community Affair and Development Division
PCOL RODERICK D MINONG Chief, Regional Comptrollership Division
PLTCOL RONIE S BACUEL OIC, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division
PCOL ROMIE A ESTEFA OIC, Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division
PLTCOL JONATHAN P PAGUIO OIC, Regional Plan and Strategic Management Division
PCOL WILSON A SANTOS, VI Chief, Regional Headquarters Support Group
PLTCOL IMELDA V TOLENTINO Chief, Regional Public Information Office
PLTCOL JUAN D CALALUAN Chief, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office
PEMS Precy Laguidao Regional Executive Senior Police Officer
Provincial/City Director  
PCOL CHRISTOPHER R DELA CRUZ PD, Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PCOL JOSEPH B BAYAN PD, Occidental Mindoro Police Provincial Office
PCOL CRESENCIANO A LANDICHO PD,Marinduque Police Provincial Office
PCOL ARVIN T MOLINA PD, Romblon Police Provincial Office
PCOL DIONISIO B BARTOLOME PD, Palawan Police Provincial Office
PCOL SERGIO G VIVAR, JR. CD, Puerto Princesa City Police Office
Regional Mobile Force Battalion  
DENNIS JOSE S LLAVORE  OIC, Regional Mobile Force Battalion
Regional Support Units  
PLTCOL ROGER JAMES BRILLANTES Chief, Regional Internal Affair Service MIMAROPA
PLTCOL ADONIS B DE GUZMAN OIC, Regional Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit 
PCOL ARMANDO N PUSANA Chief, Regional Crime Laboratory Office
PMAJ CHRISTIAN M LUCI Chief, Regional Engineering Unit
PMAJ FREDERICK C TUTAAN OIC, Regional Communications and Electronics Office
PLTCOL CATHERINE DE CASTRO DALMACIA Chief, Regional Finance Service Office
PLTCOL MATEO B HERNANDEZ Chief, Regional Health Service
PLTCOL WINLOVE L. RAMOS Chief, Regional Legal Affair Service
PLTCOL HENRY R AALA Acting Chief, Regional Intelligence Unit
PLTCOL ERWIN L REBELLION Chief, Regional Highway Patrol Unit
PLTCOL ELMO P GUEVARRA Chief, Regional Civil Security Unit
PLTCOL RONNIE R VISCO Training Manager, Regional Special Training Unit
PMAJ ANALYN B PINAGOD Information Technology Project Officer
PMAJ VALDEM JOSEPH OCAMPO Chief, Regional Chaplain
PMAJ ERIC L ANGUSTIA OIC, Regional Police Security and Protection Unit


1. Visit the link

2. Create an account using yor government ID (NBI or LTOFT Control Number) by clicking New Account

3. Input your Personal Information and Upload your ID Picture

4. Applicant receives email from FEO

5. Log in using registered email address

6. Complete your profile

7. Select your transaction (New or Renewal)

8. Complete your application details and click on proceed

9. Upload all your requirements (scanned copy or captured photo)

10. Verify your documents before you proceed

11. Submit and wait for email or SMS notification for reference number

12. Pay via Landbank with the reference number included in the SMS Confirmation (LTOPF Application Fee)

13. Upload your bank receipt and wait for SMS validation

14. Once validated, you can now set for an appointment

15. Choose your preferred branch and date

16. Attend on your appointed schedule. Bring all the physical documents/requirements with you

17. Once physical documents/requirements are verified, certificate will be issued


End of Transaction